Health Advice

This page is to give advice and guidance to patients on how to manage their long-term conditions, how to deal with minor injury and illness that doesn't require treatment from a clinician and give patients advice on several topics.


Do you experience bladder or bowel leakage?

Click on the link for information on the new Confidence app. develped by clinical eperts. Providing trusted information, videos and practical advice for support of people of all ages.

Free confidence app

NHS 111

111 online is a fast and convenient alternative to the 111 phone service and provides an option for people who want to access 111 digitally. 

Your needs will be assessed and you will be given advice about whether you need:

  • Treat yourself at home
  • Go to a Primary Care Centre

If you need face to face medical attention you may be asked to attend a Primary Care Centre.

Click here to access NHS 111 online or call 111 to speak to a staff member.

Food On Our Doorstep

Family Action has launched Food On Our Doorstep (FOOD) clubs to provide good-quality food at a low cost, while also reducing food waste. It costs just £1 a year for a family to become a member.

Please click here for more information on Food Clubs

Prostate Cancer Risk

It is important to check your health when you can. For men, it is advised that you check your prostate as you get older, as prostate cancer is more common among men.

If you are over the age of 45, please click here link for more information

Managing Your Cholesterol

Keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels i important for your overall health. If you have higher than average cholesterol, there are steps you can take to help reduce this.

A number of helpful leaflets can be found here: Booklets (

In addition, click here to view a pair of quick, animated guide videos.